Stepping Back In Time For Barn Cottage

We all have our favourite furnishing schemes and when it comes to home decor, I guess we all feel we know what goes best. . . . .  I was therefore totally amazed when visiting an older lady and had a tour around her quaint but fair to say, unique barn cottage.   Her place is on the edge of a country lane of odd barns and workers’ cottages that once belonged to the ‘Hall’.  My pal bought a run down dump twenty years ago and has steadily done a room at a time.  She’s had help from interior designers and builders.  Her favourite contractors though were the furniture and antique suppliers.  My word she has good taste.  Beautiful oak dressers adorn each bedroom and one has a victorian wash stand complee with porcelain bowl and pitcher.  The kitchen has free standing cabinets made of oak – new and clean, well fitting doors but that don’t detract from he feeling of stepping back in time that she has most certainly achieved.