TV Antiques Sales Programmes Boost Hunger For Antiques

We really do have to keep a check on expenditure when we are dealing with the family refurnishing budget.    It is so very easy to get carried awa when looking at refurnishing in a more antique style.   Gone are the sale rooms with Grannie’s old feather going for a fiver on a Satureay morning.  No, but it could still be Grannie’ws oled bed but it will have a very much fatter price on the ticket.      The popularity of programmes about valuing artefacts and then watching them be sold at auction has prompted folk to raid said grannie’s attac and race off with many more ‘heirlooms’.  That favourite nursing chair you may recall your mum or nanny sat in when weaning you or perhaps that nice little desk bureau in the old sitting room.  These items of furniture are much sought after and fetch premium prices these days.    There are three programmes on tv currently that have helped to boost the power of the auction and sales rooms.   Audiences these days are fast becoming esxperts at pricing up goods so they will know what their maximum bid ought to be.   Its all a case of doing research and not over bidding on the day.