When Replacing Parts Of A Suite – Check Compatability

We probably all have far more clothese these days than our parents ever had.  In fact, I suspect I make more clothes purchases in one year than my mother did in 40 odd years.  The trouble is, I don’t dispose of the unloved/ill fitting ones.  I have therefore managed to fill evey single space in each wardrobe, in each of the four bedrooms . . .  I am fortunate to have fitted wardrobes.  Although if I had not got that space, I may well have curtailed my habit.  When I need any other furniture, I am extremely careful about checking my needs.  The dining suite for example, I checked it matche my existing decor, seated enougth folk, fitted in with the sideboard etc.  What I didn’t do though was to check the colour of their wooden legs on my existing dining chairs didn’t clash with the new table.    I should have checked before buying . . .  6 new chairs came a month later!