Locally Made Oak Furniture Suiting Country Living

Whilst I stay with chums out in the country, literally in the middle of nowhere, it is fantastically relaxing.  I just love being able to walk their dogs up the lane to the field right at the top of the second lane.  On the way past all the fabulous houses, we also pass a lot of trees.  There are horse chestnut, sycamore and my most favourite of all – English oak.  The trees are stunning to look at whilst walking under them and they’re even more so from the middle of that field up the road.   Looking back, I can see wonderful groups of trees – lots of them.  It highlights the joy of country living – the nearest towns are both market towns that offer farmers markets every month.  In fact they both offer a wide range of country stores with wonderful choices of meats, vegetables and housefold effects,  such as true oak furniture – lots of it and much of it made locally.