Remember The Fallen But Treasure The Living

Various famous battles get mentioned every year – particularly this last couple of years when we have been looking back to the lunacy of the first world war.  Now 100 years after various events – all so stupidly tragic, we look back and listen to the experts telling us about this young fella or that group of young friends who went off together to the war, thinking it would be a jolly jape, and realising immediately, how very wrong they were.  It is hearbreaking to recall the number of families completely ripped apart when a young male member never came back.  Families in villages do tend to remain loyal to their roots and although we live in a throw away society, we value the history that comes with old furniture that has been passed down from one generation to another.  Gone are those young chaps, but we can still love the old furniture that they once used, sat at, stood by.  We will indeed remember them all.