Awestuck Mice At Harvest Time

When I lived in a tiny village, the biggest properties there were the village school, the memorial hall and the gorgeous 14th Centure church.  There were lots of houses and an old windmill that now only had part of the rigging left for all to see, the inner parts having been dismantled years ago.   Some of the fmailies we knew then had been in the village for several generations.  It was a source of fascination to me, having come from a family that travelled around because of our father’s service, it was  interesting to meet up with the older folk who laid claim to their cottage having been given to the family three or four generations ago.  Whenever harvest festival came round old family chairs & chests would be loaned to the church to support sheaves of wheat and other giving, as they had done for 3 or 4 hundred years previous.  Even the mice seemed to stand in awe!