Heritage House Gives Local Market A Flurry

Upon opening the cover of my favourite country style living magazine, which is not only nationwide, but also often includes articles from europe and the USA, my eyes hit upon a property very local to me.  I nearly fell off my chair because this particular stately pile has always been talked about in hushed tonesd and with a reverence held normally for very very important people.   There has been a general assumption that it was still owned by the slightly aristocratic family who bought it some 300 years ago.  But upon loooking at the description of the property – in all its glory over 2 pages of the mag, it would seem that it was sold once before, in the early 2000s.   Word has now gone round about this incredible bit of news — the local ‘big house’ up on the market for a smidgen short of £10M.  It seems absolutely unbelievable.  The write up suggests it has eleven bathrooms and sixteen bedrooms.  All sorts of statistics fill the paragraph of ‘what we have to offer’.  Oh how I would love to be able to pretend to be a buyer on the look out!