Scandi Minimalism Over Richly Covered Oak

It’s faunny thing the way the brain works.   Whenever I think of the very very large scandinavian furniture and household emporium, I automatically think of a modern purpose built apartment or town house.  Their starkly practical and modern ethos that means everything has to have a function and more if possible, no frills, just good honest pricing with modern materials, it’s hard to picture some of their plainer pieces in a country house setting.  There is something so perfect about the prospect of opening up a gorgeous solid oak front door, to reveal oak tables and chairs, chesterfield sofas and everything from a previous period.  There’s no reason why modernist furniture can’t be placed in the same setting though.   There are many places where simple lines in an old home look especially effective – highlighting the amount of space and breathing room a large house offers!  Their kitchens are fantastic too – and no one replaces and old kitchen with another old one, they are alwayts ultra modern chrome and white!