Country Living With Eye For Lasting Quality

Ahh well, this is the time of  year when we are bombarded with adverts for furniture and bedding sales.  Christmas and the New Year period has historically been the time for all the major companies to offload their stock in readiness for the new season designs.  However, with so much more money floating about, families using credit far more than before, they are introducing new designs more often throughout the year.  This has in some way brought many families to the point of wanting to actually stop the merry go round, constantly changing fads and fashions and to actually look out for and cherish real furniture and to surround themselves with quality pieces they can hand on down their own generations.  I love looking through local county magazines – they highlight the joys of country living, showing areas for walking out and really enjoying what life can offer.  They also show very beautiful houses that have stood for many years and are filled with antiques and quality furnishings.   Leaving the quick throw-away cheaply made stuff behind, there is a move back to wanting solid oak and other wood – some antique sale rooms and suppliers can’t keep up with demand, which is fantastic.   Heritage homes help to foster this trend.  Appreciation for real quality.  At last!