Avoiding The Bargain Basement Antiques Yard

There’s a regular programme on the leisure and lifestyle channels – it deals with folk who tour around in  historic cars, visiting various antique outlets around the country.  They have to buy, scrounge, steal min of three articles  – can be anything but must have potentuial to turn in a profit at a geuine auction house later in the show.     Amongst the regular articles are china and prcelain, silverwares and quirky outdoor things like wagon wheels etc. The things they fall down on most often are unwise furniture purchases – things they’ve not looked into and are in bad shape.  This is sad because it puts other people off going to auction houses to look at second hand and antique pieces.  It’s often possible to pick some really lovely items at the local auction house.    But for the serious antique furniture buyer, or someone just starting out, it is best to contact a reputable dealer – yes, more expensive but they’re unlikely pass on something they don’t feel is the genuine article and they are experienced at sourcing the right age and style of piece you seek.