Country Living Is A Priviledge To Be Cherished

When we leaf through favourite magazines, it can be some years before we realise that actually, we’ve outgrown this one, or that.  I found this with one magazine aimed at the established family aged female going up to later years.  This is what their marketing blurb suggests but as the years went on, I found the fashion and beauty pages were definitely aimed at the younger crowd – hardly ever was there a wardrobe update for anyone in their later years.  Or they may introduce a mature reader, but the clothes chosen always seemed to be inappropriately youthful.  The same does not go for country living magazines.  They have the eternal beauty and show an optimism that life out in the sticks is going tio remain absolutely right for everyone.  I like looking back over the years at how the colour schemes have changed for kitchens and bedrooms.  The updated adverts feature similar products – I mean how many kitchens can anyone feature?  Just the colours of the cabinets and style of the white goods change.   But the essence remains, living in a lovely village or country area is a bit of a priviledge,  especially today.