Sterio Typing Furniture Ideas For Country Cottage

There does seem to be a natural corrolation with the sound of Country Living and rich antique looking furniture.  for some reason my brain fails to make an instant connection between a pretty country cottage and scandinavian minimalism and modern no frills furniture.  There’s absolutely no reason why someone wouldn’t want the clean lines and unfussy nature of their rubberwood and new manufactured designs.   There is just something that doesn’t sit so comfortably – quite literally.  I own several pieces of start modern no frill furniture which we bought as we moved into our very unromantic detached family house.  I also own some attractive oak furniture – which does not look even slightly antique.  It is a funn o9ld thing how my brain has a definite thought process, dictated entirely upon sterio type thinking and not actually being exposed to the joys of actually enjoying country living.  Though it must be said that I do live on the edge of a village – no chocolate box cottages here sadly.