Travelogues Present Cherished Early Furniture

There’s been a fascinating series on mainstream tv by an ex politician who is now a traveller and very decent presenter of interesting facts.  He carries a well known rail gujide from the last century – depending on location.  His travelogues have become more and more popular – not only is he an engaging personality, but they find interesting folk to chat to in each of the locations filmed.  I have seen fantastic historical pieces about early English and European settlers in the States – the stories of racial and ethnic cleansing are humiliating and true, sadly.  However, as there’s nothing we can do about our sordid past now, I feel it best to capture the essence of the programmes and enjoy what each person wishes to show me!  Fantastic arrays of early furniture are usually the mainstay, and the earliest working machinery.   The furniture is so lovingly cherished, moreso in the States and Canada it would seem.