Super Country Feel To Beams & Aged Furniture

Ah how I remember back to the old days when I was never quite able to appreciate the beauty of beams in any property conversion.   I would see these great barns on the property programmes on tv, the host or hostess would stand back, as the parties trying to move are standing below, absolutely agog at the wonder of all the cross beams and arched beams.  I always thought they looked a bit heavy and out of place in an otherwise super modern looking environment.  Wrong!  Now that I have close relatives who do enjoy exactly this scene every day, with carefully preserved beams running along the landing between and through the bedrooms.  I have only nearly bopped myself on them, but having been thoroughly warned, I remember to bob a cursey.  The furniture chosen for the home has really brought those beams alive now – exactly the right painted oak to lighten and refresh.