Realising Non US Life Existed Before 1664

Having sat through a handful of nativity events in recent weeks, it came to my mind that whenever I visit the old church in my nearest village, I am just one of hundreds and hundreds of souls who have enjoyed and endured the celebration of the nativity in that very sacred place since 1388.  When I was in the US a few years ago, I was being hosted by a family who just couldn’t get their collective head around the fact that life in England didn’t start in 1664 or for folk in Texas, they just can’t imagine anything being more historic than the Alamo in San Antionio!  There are many families who feel a sense of pride over there that their forefathers were amongst the early settlers from Europe and England.  They treasure the furniture of the period and desperately try to get more.  We have it all in abundance here – history, antiquity, heritage – bucketloads of it!