Oak Furniture – It’s Been There Forever

Oak furniture is one of those phrases that for some, will conjur up visions of grandmothers and their pristine ‘front parlour’, smelling of beeswax & lavender.   For others it will mean wandering around tagging on to mum or dad’s hand whilst they go round stuffy  historic houses.  However for a very pleasing number of younger families, the phrase is again the by-word for excellent quality, beautiful finish, versatile uses and something worth paying for and cherishing for ever!  As borne out by the previous examples, although we don’t recognise or appreciate the reasons why oak is revered amongst woods, when we look back to childhood and late teens, we do have many examples of how it has been the mainstay of country furniture over centuries.   Trestle tables, high backed testers, church furnishings, baronial castles, modern town house dining suites, and everything else between.  We will have used this amazing commodity in every stage of our lives and will always do so.