Mellow Months Ideal For Antique Shop Sortis

Ah the sheer joy of September, after the first full week, that is.  The youngster have all started, or gone back to school an the university students are making their final preparations for the ‘off’.  There is much more time and space everywhere.  The old towns, particularly in the tourist spots, have seen their influx of visitors go back to whence they came;  the chip papers and rubbish has been collected and dispersed to the dump.  Now these little towns can sit back with a sigh and get on with every day living!  I love the mellowness, when I can visit my favourite places – auction houses and genuine antique emporiums.  always on the lookout for beautiful quality furniture, wooden accessories and anything with a bit of history to it.  I love the smell, the feeling of old age in the second hand and antique shops.  Nothing beats that old beeswax smell!