Living In The StIcks Requires Resourceful Planning

We we live is alwas going to be dictated to a certain extent by our family needs rather than desires.  It’s one thing to be able to find that absolutely perfect property out in the middle of nowhere.  Maybe a stone pile surrounded by hills and trees and very little else.  Apparently hat is the dream of thousands of people in this country.  However, as I know very well, it’s a major undrtaking actually moving out to the sticks.  You soon realise that when you first run out of milk or eggs.  You also realise that not evey company is prepared to deliver out to the further reaches of  your county.  Also, there are the small matter of utility services too – I do know a couple of invested every penny they had to buy a stone conversion in a very secluded spot – only to realise the shortcomings when heating the place.  They had no gas in the area so it was only electricity or oil.  Fortunately, oil has been quite cheap lately and they have an early warning system to alert them to the need for more to be ordered.  It runs the boiler very efficiently.