How to Clean Antique Furniture

I love being invited into someone’s home when they still have the old family pieces of furniture, especially when there has been grandma’s level of care attached to them.   The modern way of thinking includes such instruction as dusting off each piece with eithr a dry lint free duster or very soft brush to remove loose dust from all surfaces.  Sometimes it will be necessary to carefully reach the out of the way places with a vacum cleaner brush attachment.   You have to take care not to knock the corners or cornices.   Next dilute some mild washing up liquid and rinse out a cleaning cloth in it, wringing it out very well so it is barely damp.  Must not be more damp as that will ruin the furniture.  A very gentle wipe over grain of the surface to remove dirt, will be all that’s needed.  Dry off thoughourly with another soft dry cloth.  it is critical not to wet the surface, if your cloth is too damp, take steps to blot it dry with copious cloths.