Danish Elm Simplicity Rarer By The Day

I have a particlar love of looking at certain room settings when I go out to the furniture emporiums – I’m not one for the massive squashy sofa that seats half the family in one go.  I feel distinctly uncomfortable lounging about on one of those, there is no back support at all and I find myself leaning forwards to see out!  I have a very sympathetic eye for the starkly modern look – furniture wise rather than buildings.   There is something beautifully simple about some of the 1960s danish dining sets.  Not all of them by any means.  Just one or two have sleek unadorned tables with very neatly designed legs that are formed by an A frame – thus not causing too much annoyance to the dining guest who might otherwise have to clamber either side of hefty table legs.   The light coloured elm wood of course is now scarce due to elm disease.  But I still love them all!