County New Builds Promise Stylish Peace & Tranquility

When you hear the phrase country living, at first it doesn’t mean very much more than the thought of a nice farm house of some age.  Small village surrounding it and some idyllic vision of children being able to run about free as air with the chickens and lambs.  These days though the phrase means a great deal more than that.    here are whole developments springing up where once green belt land has been released for housing.  There are generally strict rules governing any planning applications being granted.  New builds have to conform to a particular structure and look as similar in nature to any local village houses so as not to jar on the eye of anyone passing by.  The need to maintain suitable properties for village families to buy up and live in though has rather a way to go.  The newer development are beautiful but generally out of the reach of he first time buyer but they can dream.  In the meantime the country dweller can emerse themselves in the peace and beauty of living amongst farms can bring.