Country Villages So Popular With In Town Dwellers

I live out in of town, not totally in countryside but in a house on an estate backng on to a very old farm.  The surrounding area was all farmland until a few years ago when housing developments starting popping up along the dual carriageways.  I can’t complain – after all, my house was built on what was once prime farmland.   Further out, in the more northerly part of the county, there are some fantastic stone villages – really beautiful places that go back hundreds of years, each hamlet or village with its own school and church – well, most of them anyway.  I love visiting them – being invited into some of the old cottages and revelling in the seriously old furniture is fantastic fun.   Getting hold of one of these properties is so difficult too.  Hardly any ever come to the sales market as they are so sought after for their beauty and feeling of living in good old England!