Cottage Stay Needed To Restore Common Sense

I really love the idea of living in a thatched cottage.  I’m not sure what has brought this back up to the surface but I’ve found myself more than once lately, thinking how to downsize from my current very comfortably proportioned 4 bed detached.     The idea is of course pretty ludicrous.  I have large furniture here because when I moved in from a smaller place, my then three piece suite looked daft, far too squat and tiny for the size room.  so I have room by room changed all the furniture accordingly.  To then have to sell this and revert back to doll’s size bed, tiny chest of drawers, small kitchen units etc. is pushing the realms of fantasy.  I love the idea of the older real wood country style furniture – it appeals so much more than the modern scandi self builds that feature still in my living room!