Buying The Country Theme In One Complete Package

I have a young relative who with her partner moved from a compact starter home to their dream house in the country.  The move involved much more than just changing houses though.  Once they had waved the removal folk goodbye, they unpacked the essentials and scooted off to check on their long list of newly ordered furnishing items from an independent maker and supplier who had exactly the country furnishing theme they so desired.  It had always been their intention to change up from smart, convenient modular furniture to massive, comfortable 4 seater sofas and this has now been achieved with aplomb.  Together with beautiful stag shaped lamp stands for the floor and tables.  With their garden meeting the edge of the wood surrounding the stately home next door, this back drop couldn’t be more perfect. On the walls are photos of the house in a previous incarnation, as aperfect thatched cottage.