Being Careful With Antique Furniture Care

For those folk lucky enough to own any pieces of antique furniture, perhaps handed down from earlier generations, then they may not feel especially blessed.  After all, if it’s been in the family for centuries, it’s easy to just take it as an everyday job to look and tut!  But looking after antiques properly is so well worth the time and expense.  These wonderful peices of craftsmanship cannot easily be replaced and must be loved whilst we do so.  And encourage the younger generations to also.   The patina on the top surface of a piece buils up over many years – maybe after several hundreds of years.  Even with old marks and damage, it is this that gives real charm and character – adding to the value of it and thus must be preserved.  Good quality beeswax is the only product to use as modern aersol furniture cleaners dammage the delicate surface and can destroy this long developed patina in a matter of weeks.