Beeswax & Gin For Wood Caring Weekend

Whilst waiting in the checkout queue of my favourite posh shop, I was amused by two couples in front of me – both live out in the sticks by the sound of it – seeing fields of white this morning, they jumped in their 4x4s and braved it to the store for urgent supplies.   Amid gin, vodka, mixers, packs of lager and one or two food items were Country file and Country life magazines.   Also in one trolley, tins of beeswax polish and some new e-cloths.  Expecting to be snowed these were bought for their annual wood caring weekend – they do the lot in one fell swoop, and the couple expressed delight that all furniture is in really good shape and it smells divine for weeks on end.  Turned out the furniture had been owned by the family back in the 1700s.  Now that’s worth a trip to a posh shop for!   Hmmm I wonder if you can use beeswax on non wood furniture ………..