Appreciating The Craftsmanship Available Today

There’s a programme on tv that everybody seems to like – one where we see experts repairing much loved heirlooms and that aged relatives have been hanging on to for years.  I particularly like the clock repairs – the chap is a real expert and expalins very clearly what he thinks is wrong with the thing at the start of the show.  Obviously the researchers have gone through everything first with a fine tooth comb to ensure that each piece offers enough work to keep it viable for a third of a programme – the amount of film ending up on the cutting room floor must be heartbreaking!  There’s also a really fantastic ceramics expert who seems able to put back together the most incredible mish mash of chipped and broken collectables.  I remmeber also a fantastic job was carried out on a very old rocking horse – the leather expert really made an outstanding job of a seriously battered saddle – other colleagues were brought in to deal with the mane and tail.  It’s heartening to know we have real expertise in this country – a real morale booster in these very challenging times.