Authentic Country Furniture Lives On In Villages

You only really appreciate the words country furniture when you have experienced an authentic village house way up in the hills in Cyprus.  In a village half way p the Troodos mountains I know of a chap who is almost 101 year old – he and his live in maid/companion live in a simple village house made of stone, with a fireplace and open chimney in the corner of the main room.  There are two very basic wood and bamboo chairs and a low slung sofa bed affair made of a wooden frame and bamboo plaited across, this supports a matress made of sheeps wool that is spun and then dyed.  Once dry it goes through the family loom in the yard.  The ‘matress’ is filled with feathers and more sheeps wool.    The matress is then folded to suit a sofa or left flat to use as a bed.  The simplicity if wonderful.