1920s Style Tables & Chairs Absolutley In Keeping

When you have connections with a historic heritage property, the world around you takes on a whole new feeling.  I never usually take notice of the age or style of a settee or dining room table.  I don’t particularly care about the size or design of the chairs or dresser – although I can tell an antique dresser or trestle table, that much I can manage.  Now that I have been a volunteer at a very popular heritage property, I see things from a completely different angle.  In their tea room they have table and chair sets that are very quaint looking but actually extremely rugged and hard wearing – for obvious reasons.  They would be lovely in a home setting too, as would the heavily adorned dresser on the side wall.  These are so in keeping with the era of the house and they look perfect in situ.  Knowing the style that suits the house is half the battle.